World Cup Competition

Start Date: June 15th
End Date: July 15th

The World Cup is coming and it presents a huge opportunity to attract traffic to the outlet. Welikewifi presents a strategy that may help you keep the customers engaged and, most importantly, coming back.

Benefits overview:

  • Gameification of WiFi
  • Enhance Repeat Visits
  • Gather Customer Data

How it works?

Every week there will be 10 winners of the World Cup contest. We suggest prizes to be based on discount vouchers that will only be valid for 30 days AFTER the end of the World Cup.

As the customer connects to wifi, they will be directed to a contest website where they will guess the winners of tomorrow’s games. Correct guesses add 1 point to their scores.

Every day WelikeWiFi will be sending you a picture of the standings (only with nicknames) so that you can publish it in Social Media and let the users see where they are.

The game will change daily as per next day’s matches. The advantage is that


nowhere else. The competition is not on the internet, it is not on Facebook, it is nowhere else but the outlet.

Since the winner needs to be sent a voucher (we will do the voucher design for each outlet), customers will need to provide their contact details. Customer data is kept in the strictest confidentiality and sent to the outlet via mail or .csv file.

At the end of the competition, vouchers will be given to you so that you can personally contact the winners.

Cost of entering your outlet into the game: 250Dhs


  • Competition Forms
  • Daily Delivery of Standings
  • Daily change of Contest landing page to reflect next-day matches
  • Weekly delivery of contact database of the outlet
  • Final delivery of outlet-personalized vouchers

Prizes proposal:

Winner gets a 40% discount for one visit between July 15th and August 15th

Runner Up gets a 30% discount for one visit between July 15th and August 15th

Next 8 get a 20% discount for one visit between July 15th and August 15th